Filosofia di Sonia creazioni nianì - Sonia e Anita NiaNì

I like to put a little asymmetry
in every creation,
imperfection enchants me

nianì, acronym of my name Sonia and that of my daughter Anita, was born in 2016 to give a “visual” dimension to an invisible world made of symbols from childhood and daily life. Symbols are the core of this life, revealing the secrets of our subconscious, they lead us to the hidden origins behind actions, opening the spirit to the infinite and the unknown.

Each collection was created thinking of a specific moment in my life: first came the 7 Chakra collection, inspired by yoga, that I’ve been practicing and studying for more than 10 years. Mano di Fatima followed by, and did the others, in parallel.

All collections are characterised by thin lines: the necklaces, the rings, the bracelets and the earrings embellish the body in a delicate yet sophisticated way. Asymmetry of some of the creations highlights their peculiarity. I believe beauty should not be shown off, but rather express ourselves in a simple way.

I make unique pieces: in many necklaces, earrings and rings I use the ancient rosary technique. Some others are made by a skilled goldsmith based on my own design. I carefully select all the materials I use: 925 silver (sterling silver) and semiprecious stones.

Hand craftsmanship, creativity, research, high quality materials and Italian tradition: this is nianì world.

I’m grateful I can work with love and express my passion each day.

Philosophy - Nianì

Each creation is handmade.

The material used is 925 silver 24kt gold plated. In case the product you are looking for is out of stock, I ask you please to have some patience as handcrafted products require a bit more time

I will do my best to satisfy your request as soon as possible.

I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Philosophy - Nianì